Top Lottie Animation Libraries and Resources for Developers

Lottie animations are absolutely magical! With Lottie, you can beat the competition with more interactive animation. At the same time, you can keep page load speeds high. You need to know which Lottie animation library to tap into for good free animations.

We have picked three websites where we consider each one of them to be a good Lottie animation library.

Top Lottie Animation Libraries

Work some magic into your designs with these awesome websites:


With Lottiefiles, you can create, test, edit, and also export Lottie animations and a marketplace using free assets. Lottiefiles hosts thousands of free animations making it a top Lottie animation library. You shall however have to create an account by signing up.

What makes Lottiefiles really cool is how you can upload animations using it. That way, you can access website and application builders. Lottiefiles is a platform where you as a designer can market your creations and earn royalties. However locating designs from a large marketplace that go well with a certain project can be pretty difficult.

That said, Lottiefiles is still a top Lottie animation library. It’s really helpful for motion graphic designers who are keen to access other creatives.


This is a top Lottie animation library where you can take your pick from hundreds of Lottie animations that are available absolutely free. You can be assured of high quality and you can browse for designs that are specific to your industry.

The Page Not Found animated design is among the most useful free designs available. It’s ideal for incorporating Lottie into an essential web page. We found some truly useful icons like Mail Notification, Location Pin, Track Order, and Phone as well.

There’s a drawback though. You find access to many more animations specific to your industry and the integrated editor only after you become a paid member. Using Creattie lets you customize animation straight from the asset pages by making adjustments to the colour, triggers, speed, size, and delay.


For Webflow users, Finsweet’s Lottieflow is another top Lottie animation library that works as a superb resource for UI/UX designs elements. The assortment of free arrows, checkboxes, scrolling icons, buttons, and dropdowns is quite impressive. What’s more, you needn’t make any account either.

You can improve your website quite a bit with this popular Lottie animation library using the Lottie icons presented in a minimalist and practical collection. However, you can access the editor only with an account and all the animations are only in one design.

As a designer, you are always eager to create websites that are engaging, websites that have visitors hooked. For such websites, you need to be aware of which top Lottie animation library you should use. We have given you details of three popular sites for Lottie animations. Now you know what you can get for free and how they can enhance user experience.

We at AroGeek know exactly which Lottie animation library to use that suits your needs perfectly. We have the knowledge to pick the website that hosts animations that go well with your industry the most. We assure superior quality as well helping draw visitors to your website. With us, you can have a website with exciting animation and high loading speed.