Free and Paid Lottie Animation Tools for Beginners

With Lottie animation, you can make your designs stand out in the competition by making them more interactive. You can also keep your website's loading speed low. There are a host of Lottie animation tools out there, and finding the best one that suits your needs can be quite a headache.

We bring you the best Lottie animation tools, both free and paid that are easy to use for beginners. They make your designs more eye catching and engaging.

Free Lottie Animation Tools

Let’s kick off with the best free Lottie animation tools for beginners.

  • Creattie

The first of the free best Lottie animation tools on our list is Creattie. There are hundreds of free Lottie icons and illustrations you can choose from. Creattie’s library has truly high-quality assets, and the designs are industry-specific. Mail notification, Location Pin, Track Order, and Phone are some of the most useful free icons we found.

While Creattie is free, paid members can download thousands of more industry-specific designs along with the integrated editor. You can also customise your animation by changing triggers, size, color, delay, and speed straight from the page for assets.

  • Icon Scout

If it’s a go-to source with stock assets you’re looking for, IconScout is perfect. The reason why we have picked it as one of the best Lottie animation tools is the superb quality of its designs. By using IconScout’s integrated plugins for converter tools, popular CMS, and an API, it’s possible to use Lottie designs to scale.

A major chunk of the free Lottie animations IconScout offers are usable and boast universal appeal. You can customize the animation to fit your project’s aesthetics using the editor feature. It makes IconScout one of the best Lottie animation tools.

Paid Lottie Animation Tools

We have picked KeyShape as the only one among the best Lottie animation tools you’ll have to pay for.

  • KeyShape

Running on Mac desktops, KeyShape is another of the best Lottie animation tools. Being very straightforward, it’s an easy to use vector animation tool. You can install it on multiple computers and it comes at a once-off USD $30 on the Mac App store. You can check it out thoroughly during the 14 day free trial period.

Since KeyShape’s plugin-based export scheme provides importers as well, you can import basic Lottie JSON files downloading them from LottieFiles so you can edit them visually before exporting them back again. The timing support is easy to use and hence, you can tweak the timing curves of the Lottie animations easily. You have to either start from someone else’s work or do things from scratch.

These free and paid best Lottie animation tools help you hone your designing skills. Each one of them is user friendly and they come with features that make your designs stand out. Your designs are far more interactive and engaging when you use the best Lottie animation tools.

We at AroGeek help you engage with your audience more effectively using the best Lottie animation tools. With our attractive designs, you can be assured of more views and better conversions. Expert use of Lottie animation also keeps loading times low giving users a better experience.