Animation Trends to Make Your Explainer Videos More Engaging

Explainer videos are a fast and effective communication method in this competitive market. They help people learn complex ideas quickly. But with so many videos out there, how do you make yours stand out? Consider using the latest animation trends.

These trends will make your videos more engaging and easy to understand. This guide will discuss the latest animation trends to help you create engaging explainer videos. These trends help you develop videos that catch viewers' interest and keep them watching, whether you're new to animation or trying to improve.

What is an Animated Explainer Video?

An animated explainer video is a quick and eye-catching marketing tool. Sales and marketing teams use it to explain the product, increase product awareness, and get more individuals to sign up. It displays a business's products in an eye-catching, uncomplicated, and simplistic way.

They outline the problem that the market is experiencing and how the repair will address it. To increase customer memory value, they draw attention to the brand, colour, and style while stressing the benefits of the SaaS product or service and providing more information on the user interface. 

Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

Researchers at Tubular Labs discovered that 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase the advertised item or service after seeing product or service explaining videos.

Your business will benefit from animated explainer videos in several ways.

Instantly Capture Attention

For people who learn best when they see and hear things at once, it captures their interest. You are really there because of the combination of motion, colours, and visuals.

Reduce Workload

Because of the animated explanation videos, the sales staff saves much time and effort. They provide answers to often-asked problems, break down complex ideas, and more using a narrative manner.

Increase the Conversion Rate

Animated explainer videos are one method of communicating the value argument. Consumers are happier to act when they believe the material is significant and beneficial.

Works for All Marketing Channels

You can include animated explainer videos in your marketing approach in various ways. This category includes social networking platforms, blog posts, and writing platforms. They are also effective in email marketing campaigns as clickable graphics or embedded information.

High Customer Recall Value

Animations stick in people's memories for a very long time. Following this, customers are more likely to recall the brand and make a purchase from them.

Improves Online Accessibility

Enhancing a website with videos increases its visibility and improves search engine optimisation. Animated videos entice users to spend longer on websites because they are attractive. It also increases backlinks and natural sharing.

Top Animation Trends to Make Your Explainer Videos More Engaging

2D Animation Video

2D animation is a popular option for explainer videos. Nothing compares to the clarity and conciseness that 2D animation offers when communicating complex concepts. The following reasons contribute to 2D animation's ongoing appeal:

  • Compared to 3D animation, 2D animation needs less time and money to produce.
  • The 2D animation's simple action and basic images make the plot easy to follow.
  • The versatility of 2D animation makes it perfect for a wide range of applications, from expressing deep emotions to presenting intricate concepts.

Motion Graphics

Combining animation with graphic design produces motion graphics, a dynamic visual experience. This technique is ideal for explainer videos since it can turn text and still images into captivating, moving visuals. With motion graphics, you can show information, highlight key points, and give your work a polished appearance. Motion graphics have several benefits, including:

  • Motion graphics are captivating and can make complex ideas easier to understand.
  • Using this technique will make your video seem more polished.

Whiteboard Animation

Drawing on a whiteboard while telling a narrative is a widespread technique called "whiteboard animation." This technique is intriguing because it gives the impression that you are seeing the real-time realisation of a concept. Whiteboard cartoons are very effective for teaching materials and step-by-step instructions. Some of the finest features of whiteboard animation are:

  • People are fascinated by sketching because it captures and retains their attention.
  • Whiteboard cartoons are basic and understandable.
  • This form of animation is less expensive to create than more elaborate cartoons.


3D Animation

3D animation adds depth and authenticity to explanation videos, making them more engaging to watch and look at. This approach is ideal for products or ideas that need a detailed, realistic representation. Making 3D animation will be more costly and time-consuming, but the effort is generally worthwhile to keep viewers engaged. Here are a few reasons why you should use 3D animation:

  • 3D animation can create settings and models that resemble real life, allowing people to understand complex concepts better.
  • 3D animation's depth and perspective make it more enjoyable to watch.
  • Using 3D graphics in your videos will set them apart from the competition and demonstrate your commitment to excellence.

Stop Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation creates a series of separate frames played one after the other to simulate movement. This unique, handcrafted style will provide a personal touch to your explainer video. Stop-motion animation is ideal for exceptionally telling stories and showcasing products. Some advantages of stop-motion animation are:

  • Stop-motion animation differs from other styles of animation in terms of appearance.
  • You can be creative with this approach, which will help viewers remember your films.
  • The handcrafted appearance of stop-motion may make the viewer feel connected and as if the film is genuine.

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality, a relatively new technology, lets people put digital information on top of their real settings. Augmented reality is still very new, but it already has a lot of potential to change how explanatory videos are made by making them more exciting and interactive. You can use augmented reality for many things, like making cartoon product demos and interactive lessons. The best things about augmented reality are:

  • Augmented reality (AR) makes people more interested by letting them interact with digital content while still in the real world.
  • Augmented reality could make your business a star in technological progress.


Lecture videos will be more effective and engaging when using the latest animation trends. The most essential thing is to choose a style that suits your subject and audience. Whether you pick 2D animation's traditional elegance, motion graphics' vibrant vibe or 3D animations complete immersion. You can develop explainer videos that instruct, engage, and excite your audience by learning about current trends in various ways.