Cost of Making an Animated Explainer Video in India in 2024?

Ever wondered how cartoon videos make things clear and fun? Well, they're called animated explainer videos! Online explanation videos are great for grabbing attention. These videos can easily describe any content. But What's the cost of these animated explainer videos in India in 2024?

Many factors affect the pricing of an animated explainer video, but this should give you a rough estimate. This detailed guide will discuss the numerous factors determining pricing and offer you a range of costs in India.

How much does an explainer video cost?

An animated explainer video might cost ₹ 25,000 to ₹ 80,000, depending on the content.

An extensive marketing product, like an explanatory video, requires the correct amount of money and a tool to calculate its ROI. Without them, you can't create the item.

The first issue is how much it would cost to develop one that fits your organization's demands.

Many factors impact the cost of making explainer videos. The preceding factors can help you choose how much to spend on animation explainer videos nowadays.

Factors That Define the Explainer Video Cost

These key factors should be considered when estimating the cost of an animated explainer video.

Video Length

"Time is money" applies to animated video production and its expenses. Video costs will be higher as they become longer. Micromarketing program is growing in marketing. Because of this, "micro-videos" (videos under one minute) are gaining even greater popularity online.

Unique and startling videos don't have to be lengthy. There are three popular durations for explainer videos: 30, 60, and 90 seconds. A normal person's focus has been shorter in recent years therefore, shorter videos fare better.

Video Animation style

Animation style is important and influences project complexity. Overall, these are the three most popular animation styles. Let's examine them first.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is created using white background animations and images. The author usually controls the video and voice story throughout the process. Some claim it's one of the cheapest methods to generate animated videos, while others think it's useless for explaining videos.

Motion Graphics

In computer animation, "motion graphics" means replacing visual components. This style is one of the most beneficial among several. Illustrators and animators can draw anything logical with the correct tools. Prices reflect how hard the photos are to make. Animation movies vary from inexpensive to pricey. Motion Design for marketing is the best way to attract an audience. Consult a professional motion design studio to go ahead in this competitive market.

2D and 3D animation

2D** and 3D animation styles often go together. Since they appear together in the video, we shall discuss them together for continuity. 2d animation involves the straight-line movement of persons and objects. 3d animation involves precise object motions in three dimensions.

This makes 2d animation cheaper than 3d animation, even though it still looks great in videos. 3D animation makes the video appear like Disney videos and gives it a real life. However, it may cost more than other animation videos.

The Production Company’s Standards

A video production company's track record is another factor that affects the explanation of video costs. Your talent and the quality of your job determine your price.

Because of this, a company that creates videos for Amazon, Apple, Shopify, or Google will charge more than others.

Target Platform

The platform you choose to distribute the live-action or animated video can not affect the production costs. Whatever the situation, it helps creators choose the optimal video format and features for maximum effect.

Video production companies incorporate the desired platform when evaluating production costs. Consider that a video's production demands vary by audience: social media users, TV viewers, or both.

Six Steps in Animated Video Production That Determine the Cost

If everything goes well, the animation production process involves research, script writing, storyboarding, voiceover recording, animation design and sound design. All of these increase the cost of the amusing response.


The animation team researched your product and industry to create the video's visuals and audio and deliver the intended message.


At this point, the team writes the video's script. This part describes the storyline, including character actions and utterances. The customer can negotiate a reduced video production cost if they provide a script. Working with a competent writer and animation team is typically a good scriptwriting strategy. They know what makes videos engaging. Thus, an audience-engaging script is worth the extra money.


At this step, animators and illustrators draw out the video's events. The shots will depict people, places, objects, and movement.


This step records the story's audio. A skilled voice artist usually handles the show's event.

Design and Animation

Additionally, a captivating animated video brings the notion to life. Animators bring visuals to life and assemble them.

Sound design

You can use free background music or construct a custom cartoon video sound at this stage. This involves creating distinctive sound effects.


Making an animated explainer video for your company is one of the finest investments. The price depends on the video's length, animation kind, production firm demands, and platform. Due to its many phases, making anything costs more. These include research, storylines, storyboarding, voice acting, design, animation, and sound design.

If you want a superb explainer video, contact Motion Cube Studio. They have the expertise and experience to develop a video that conveys your message and holds your attention. Working with a top-notch motion design agency ensures a solid return on investment.