Case Studies: How Businesses Use Lottie to Achieve Results

Lottie animations have revolutionized the designing of websites and apps. It has made both much more interactive and engaging. Businesses can now communicate with users much more effectively and users too get to enjoy an enhanced experience when they use an app or visit a website containing Lottie animation.

Businesses Using Lottie for Better Results: Lottie Animation Case Studies

Let’s look into a few Lottie animation case studies to** see how businesses have leveraged Lottie animation to improve user experience.


Lottie helped immensely in simplifying animation handoff. The animations helped Razorpay highlight multiple aspects of their story while helping users know about the product. Lottie animation added motion at the end of a successful task. It helped enhance the overall experience providing feedback as well.

The reason why we chose to highlight Razorpay among other Lottie animation case studies is how Lottie’s tiny file sizes has helped keep Razorpay’s app size relatively small. Being easy to use, Lottie also reduced timelines.


The makers of Duolingo always wanted an engaging and immersive learning experience. The reason behind including Duolingo’s use of Lottie in our Lottie animation case studies is how Lottie’s transformative animations helped achieve the goal of an interactive learning experience. The enthralling Lottie animations have not only improved user experience, users have also been found to spend more time on Duolingo.

Lottie has made it possible to integrate thousands of files into Duolingo. Tools like Lottie Editor and Lottie Preview helped test Duolingo on iOS and Android allowing experimenting and troubleshooting easily before the app was finally launched. Duolingo works on a number of devices and operating systems since Lottie has helped keep the file sizes small ensuring a reliable performance on different platforms.


Next on our Lottie animation case studies is Setel. Setel’s distinct illustration style blended with its subtle animation has helped the app stand out despite putting minimum effort into branding. Lottie has enhanced Setel’s user experience with its generic animation style ensuring that using Setel on multiple devices and platforms is possible without having to make any adjustments.

Lottie’s small file sizes have made sure that the functioning of Setel is smooth. The immersive Lottie animations has made communicating with Setel’s users much more engaging and effective as well. Incorporating Lottie animation has made Setel more interactive with the use of motion. Lottie has done a wonderful job in optimizing Setel.

Our article on Lottie animation case studies highlights how using Lottie animations has helped businesses enhance customer experience. It has helped made their apps much more interactive and engaging. Lottie animations make communicating with the customers much easier and effective making the apps more user friendly. Incorporating Lottie animations has added vitality to the apps and users are spending more time on them.

Our experts at AroGeek understand how important it is to add motion to apps. We realize how they make apps more appealing. In the process, they become more interactive and engaging. Our article on Lottie animation case studies brings to the fore how Lottie has transformed apps by improving the user experience with the use of animation. We at AroGeek have the expertise to use Lottie animations to transform your app or website and give users a better experience.