Why Are Explainer Videos So Effective?

Success in today's fast-paced environment requires prompt and clear communication. Explainer videos are great because they are fast, simple, and to the point.

They simplify difficult concepts into attractive, digestible bites to engage the audience. Explainer videos are popular with educators because they save time and are enjoyable.

These videos are also great for presenting a product, explaining a service, or making a point. This guide discusses explainer videos' ability to convince and how they can fit into your communication strategy.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video aims to explain a product, service, or idea clearly and engagingly. These videos are one to two minutes long. 2D animation, brief voiceovers, and motion graphics let these moves communicate.

An explainer video should get to the point quickly without using extraneous information to teach. Combining visuals, story, and music can create this. These entire elements make an amusing and useful whole.

Types of Explainer Videos

Live-Action Videos

Live-action videos show how a product, service, or idea works using real people. These graphics can help you connect with your target audience emotionally and show how your product or service works. Live-action videos with real performers, locales, and props will make the story more engaging.

Animated Videos

Many viewers like animated explainer video because they simplify and demonstrate complicated topics in a fun way. 2d animation or motion graphics are frequent in these categories. These videos can use several animation methods, from vibrant visuals to simple line drawings. Thus, they can seem great while retaining audience attention. Animation illustrates complex ideas in creative narratives. This makes visual processing and recollection simpler.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is an explainer video with a voiceover and characters scribbling on a whiteboard. These videos are amazing because they teach by examining the subject matter while the artist works. Whiteboard cartoons are useful for illustrating processes, phases, or other linear information. It keeps people engaged and explains the content.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Easy to Understand

A good explanation video simplifies complicated ideas. These videos can demystify hard issues for a larger audience by using images and simple language. Thus, the broad public can understand the main elements. Complex or technologically advanced companies will benefit from this since it helps them clarify their value offer.

Engaging and Entertaining

Video clips are more fascinating than text and attract more viewers. An explanation video's goal is to engage viewers via animation, visuals, and a story. Videos are more engaging due to their movement, colour, and movement. Additionally, this keeps the audience interested and focused on the speaker.

Increases Conversion Rates

A good explainer video will boost conversion rates by showing potential customers the advantages of a product or service. People are more likely to buy, subscribe, or learn more if they understand the product's features and benefits. Explainer videos that address common queries will boost corporate trust.


Many assume that adding videos to their website will help SEO. Google and other search engines like to scan and index websites containing plenty of material, like movies. An informative video will help you increase social media shares and decrease website bounces. Doing all of these will improve your search results. Your content will reach more people as your search score grows.

How Explainer Videos Help in Marketing

Increases leads

An informative graphic will attract new users and create leads. These videos show how your product or service might improve clients' lives and pique their interest. Customers can feel more comfortable giving you their contact information or continuing the purchase process. An interesting explainer video can persuade an unwelcome visitor to become a lead purchase.

Optimizes email marketing

Include instructional videos in email marketing initiatives to boost engagement. Video emails get more opens and clicks than text-only ones. If used properly, an explainer video will boost awareness, magnify your message, and inspire action. An instructional video can introduce a product, feature, or idea. This would increase your email marketing initiatives.

Improves social media profile

Videos are perfect for social media distribution owing to their visual aspect. How-to videos may boost social media engagement, website traffic, and follower growth. If you promote video viewing, liking, and following, more people will do so. Make compelling explainer videos that people will want to share to grow your social media following and brand community.

Better Presentation at Trade Shows

Explainer video will boost booth traffic at corporate events and trade shows. These videos can summarize your offering while your staffs serve other consumers. It may also interest them in your products. At the event, this can lead to further in-depth conversations and business partnerships.

Key Elements of a Good Explainer Video

Clarity in communication

An explainer video's message must be concise to succeed. Avoid sophisticated vocabulary in videos to avoid covering too many topics. However, make sure the data is readable and understandable. The goal is to convey the main idea in a way that resonates and leaves a lasting impression. Simple messages are easier to understand and remember after seeing a movie.

Captivating Images

Each visual element in an explanation video must be appealing to viewers. Use motion graphics and 2D animation to create dynamic content. Pictures should enrich the story, emphasize essential themes, and improve memorizing. Use bright colours, smooth transitions, and innovative movements to keep spectators captivated throughout the video.

Short and to the Point

Due to the fast pace of contemporary life, people have little time and attention. Therefore, keep your explanation video short. Focus on the most important themes and keep your speech to two minutes. A quick video makes viewers more likely to pay attention from start to finish, making it easier to understand the main topics. Keeping the video short makes it easy to disseminate, increasing exposure.

Strong Call to Action

Your explainer video should end with a strong call to action to be successful. People will visit your website, subscribe to your newsletter, purchase something, or contact your sales team. Check that they understand your following order. A strong call to action (CTA) boosts sales by urging readers to act. Make sure the CTA is clear and relevant to the video.


Explainer video is the best way for lead generation in this competitive market. They will clarify complicated issues, attract viewers, and increase sales. An explainer video on your product or service will help your marketing. This applies to 2D animation, motion graphics, and live-action. Spend money on a good explainer video to boost sales, SEO, and leads.